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Who are the Hmong people

Who are theHmong People?

This is a read aloud of the book, Who are the Hmong People? This book gives a general overview of the Hmong people in the United States. The book also gives information about the Hmong and the following topics: history, language, clothing and jewelry, clans, family, religion, traditions, and food.

Hmong ABCs

Hmong ABCs

Hmong ABCs is a bilingual book that teaches how to read in Hmong. This book explains the basic components of reading in Hmong. It also includes an introduction to simple consonants, vowels and tones in the Hmong language.

Haiv Neeg Hmoob Front

Haiv Neeg Hmoob Yog Leej Twg?

This book is the Hmong translation of the book, Who are the Hmong People? Haiv Neeg Hmoob Yog Leej Twg? Phau ntawv no sau txog haiv neeg Hmoob. Phau ntawv no qhia txog Hmoob keeb kwm, Hmoob nyob qhov twg, lus Hmoob, tsoo tsho, cov xeem, tsev neeg, kev ntseeg, kab lis kev cai, zaub mov, thiab Hmoob thoob ntiaj teb.

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